New and Improved Pump Controller

We have retired our standard solid state pump controller and introduced a whole new and more flexible model using the Arduino programmable micro-controller. This makes installation and troubleshooting a lot easier for the model builder. There are 4 test lights which indicate the status of water level probes, ballast pump operation, power levels and receiver signal loss.

The unit is fully waterproof and is a direct replacement for earlier ballast tank control units. There’s no need to change the wiring.

The pump output is short circuit proof (in the event of a stalled motor, for instance) and the input receiver is optically isolated.

The new unit is much more user-friendlier as well as being as accurate and reliable as before.

1/48th scale pump yet.

CD case gives an idea of size.

Made for a 1/48th scale Astute submarine model somewhere in Quebec Canada but also good for the 1/48th scale Sea wolf or any large submarine.