Dive Systems

Standard dive system, 4.25″ (110mm)

This system is built into a plexiglass tube. It comes completely assembled. All you need to supply if an FM radio receiver and three servos. The module comes with the following items:

  • Two drive motors complete with motor mounts and waterproof shaft housings for the propeller shafts.
  • A speed controller rated up to 60 amps.
  • A BEC, which allows you to run the whole system AND the radio off a 12V battery.
  • Reversible water pump and hydraulic valve.
  • Electronic pump management system that is complete with two failsafe modes.
  • Three ballast tank probes.
  • Three stainless steel pushrods and clevises.
  • Three waterproof silicone rubber bellows for the control rods.
  • Two waterproof external battery connectors, one positive and one negative.
  • A set of three baffles in the ballast tank.

The electronic components are mounted on two easily removable trays. All internal connectors are of the Tamiya type. 90% of the components are produced in-house.

New 3.5″ Diameter Module.

By popular request we have decided to produce a 3.5 inch diameter module. The standard version comprises of three 8 inch tubes, giving an overall tube length (including end caps and bulkheads) of about 25inches.

The FRONT section houses the + and – input terminals, reversible water pump, solenoid valve and the pump control unit. The latter three mounted on a CNC`d tray. This front tube is attached to the middle BALLAST TANK by three brass tie-bars. The 8 inch ballast tank has two baffles mounted on the central conduit which allows the power and servo cables to run from front to back. The THIRD and final tube, also connected by three tie-bars to the ballast tank, houses the propulsion motor, speed control unit, plus two push-rods for the rudder and the rear dive planes.

The standard unit uses a sealed ballast tank and has been successfully used on the 65 inch deBoer “Seaview” submarine by Steve Neill and the 57 inch Disney Nautilus & OTW Vanguard built by Bob Martin in Florida. This unit does come with a forward push-rod . All push-rods are stainless steel and come with clevises and waterproof bellows.Different length Ballast tanks are available by request.

  • All our units run on 12 Volts and incorporate two fail-safes as standard.
  • All wiring is connected with Tamiya plugs for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • All our dive systems come fully assembled and tested.

For further information please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and if there any special deals available.

Video featuring this new module: OTW Vanguard R/C Submarine refit

Video courtesy of Bob Martin.


    • Twin motor system £1045
    • Single motor system £995
    • Seehund £985
    • Large motor system for Upholder and Naken £1045
    • Surcouf Dive System;
      The largest we produce with  14INCH ( 355MM ) ballast tank.
      Price £1070
      Our first dive system, built 20 years ago, is still running. That is what you call reliability.

Please note

If, at a later date, you want a shorter module with a smaller ballast tank for a different submarine, we can supply additional ballast tanks of different sizes that are interchangeable, as are the drive motor bulkheads.

With this dive system, you no longer need to buy Propel gas (it doesn’t use it), and you never need to count the number of times you submerge and surface. Your only limitation is the battery capacity; when the voltage drops to a specific level, the failsafe kicks in (if you are submerged) and blows the tanks – you will have enough power to bring your boat to the side of the pond.

Click on the images below for detailed shots of the system.

All prices quoted exclude shipping and insurance – contact us to discuss your requirements.

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