Our New kit HMS Artful ( Astute class ) submarine 1/72nd scale, is now available for order. The kit contains the hull, deck and tower in glass fibre and is 54 inches long with a 6 inch beam.

Front and Rear dive planes with stainless steel pivot rods fitted, top & bottom rudders stainless steel pivot rods fitted Sonar array, set of Brass bearings, arrangement drawing cloth flag,

We can also supply the pump jet and a dive system. All pictures supplied by Gareth Hanak who is building first one now. There will be a set of accessories available as well (bollards capstans etc).

The Astute class was introduced to replace the ageing Trafalgar hunter killer fleet and was an upgraded version of the latter.

Launched in 2007, 97 meters long with a 11.3 meter long beam. The Astute has a bit of an unlucky history. It ran aground off Skye in October 2010 and later in April 2011 an officer was shot dead by one of his crew. There have been other issues not officially reported. We have decided to call our Astute class ‘Artful’ purely because the Astute had such a run of bad luck.