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About this model

In all 63 'S' class submarines were made and we decided some years ago after the introduction of our 1/32nd scale Type VII to build the contemporary 'S' class to complement our fleet of models.

Our model is 82 inches long with an 8.5inch beam so there is plenty of room, with easy access to all the equipment. Owners of the OTW type VII can use its dive propulsion system in this model. Or you can buy the type VII dive and propulsion system for use with this boat.

The Kit

The Basic kit contains:

  • Detailed hull, casement, and tower allin GRP.
  • Tower and deck fittings
  • Front and rear dive planes
  • Drop skeg rudder and rear plane guards (all with pivot rods and bushes)
  • Full brass photo etched deck and tower floor with saddle tank hatches.
  • Stainless steel cutting templates for the casement and hull slots ( we try to make it easy)
  • A set of drawings.

Optional Extras

Additional packs available (at extra cost) for:

  • the running gear : cast brass alloy 'A' frame, props and shafts
  • guns


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S Class Submarine - the 'HMS Storm', built by Ray Taylor.

Photo courtesy of Ray Taylor.

Photo courtesy of Ray Taylor.

An example build, showing excellent rust detail.

Our model being assembled by Darrin Hataway, in his workshop.

The real thing HMS Stonehenge - British S class boat. 
Several people have correctly identified this type - the British S class. One person even correctly identified the boat shown - HMS Stonehenge. Well done, and thank you for getting in touch with us.

Close up detail of the tower.

Running gear: 'A' frame, propellas, and castings.

Bow: torpedo tube locations.


  • Scale: 1/32
  • Length: 82 in (2100 mm)
  • Beam: 8.5 in (215 mm)


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