Propellers and Propulsors

Hand built, one piece castings, supplied complete with prop shaft in stainless steel.

Propellers & Propulsors

Pump Jet Propulsors for Vanguard and Trafalgar Models

This 5-bladed prop is true to scale for the Nacken model. It is about 4-1/2 in (115 mm) in diameter.

The scale prop for the Upholder features seven blades, like the real thing. These subs were rumored to be retrofitted with pump jets, but the status of this is uncertain since their acquisition by the Canadian Defence Forces. It is 3-3/4 in (95 mm) diameter.

Also candidates for pump jet retrofits, the original Trafalgar featured the carefully shaped 7 bladed prop shown here. It is true to scale with a diameter of about 3 in (76 mm).

This unusual ‘petal’ bladed prop was used on the Type 205. It measures some 2 in (51 mm) in diameter.

Used on the German Type 23 coastal sub, this conventional 3-bladed prop measures some 1-3/4 in (95 mm) in diameter.

Contra-rotating prop pair for 1/9 scale torpedoes. Note that there are two props, each with two blades; one is ‘left handed’ and the other ‘right handed.’ They are about 1-1/2 in (38 mm) diameter. This is the prop used on the Molch and Seehund torpedoes.

We also supply a selection of propellers and pump jet castings which are available for our entire range of submarine models

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