Type7 - UBoat


  • Scale: 1/32
  • Length: 82.25″ (2090mm)
  • Beam: (across saddle tanks) 7.625″ (194mm)


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This kit includes a fully detailed brass conning tower that requires soldering to assemble.

About this model

We have produced a highly detailed 1/32nd scale replica of the type VIIc from which you can construct, to exhibition standard, a model for static or radio control use.

The main hull

The main hull is molded in one piece in best quality G.R.P. resin. This material also protects the detail, which consists of 310 detail scale plates, and 34,000 rivet heads (which simulate the frame spacing).

As on the full sized vessel, the upper outer casing has the appearance of overlapping the lower pressure hull, accentuating the type of construction, which made these boats so successful in their day.

Relevant flooding vents and slots are also indicated to ease the task of building, along with other detailed information on the plan supplied.

Running Hardware

Superbly crafted and engineered to scale. The Rear Frame unit that incorporates the shaft outer bearings and rear plane guards is cast in solid brass alloy, then pre-aligned for a perfect location onto the hull.

The Forward dive plane guards are cast in brass alloy with location spigots for easy assembly to the hull.

The Shafts are 4mm dia. stainless steel. Props are cast in one piece in brass alloy, made to replicate the full size vessel. These are 49mm dia. L&R handed.

The Foreplanes / Sternplanes / twin Rudders are also supplied and molded in a tough polyurethane resin complete with actuation rods made from stainless steel.

The Deck and Conning Tower

The basic kit includes everything you need to construct a model Type VII submarine; made from .020″ photo-etched brass with all the 1351 venting slots cut, every detail is included, saving hundreds of hours of work.

Also on the 18″ x 12″ brass plates are the Tower sides, which need to be soldered and assembled to the deck. We even supply the tower’s famous square-holed floor, and the winter garden circle base plates.

A drawing of the assembled tower and deck is shown on the plan, with a parts list and numbered locations of the components. Below you can see a picture of the assembled standard tower.

Optional extra – GRP resin tower £85.00

The entire submarine can be constructed from the basic kit (at the price shown above) but we also supply a GRP resin shell for the conning tower, for modellers who want to avoid soldering the brass plates to construct the tower.

GRP resin tower
Thumbnail shot of the resin tower. Click to see the full-sized image.

The Twin Wintergarden Variant £325(*)

This is an upgrade for our standard kit to convert it to a 4 gun variant (the Twin Wintergarden Variant).

*or less, depending on requirements, please enquire.

Twin Wintergarden Variant
Thumbnail shot of the Twin Wintergarden Variant - photo courtesy of Andrew Gibson. Click to see the full-sized image.


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